Oh girl, quit playing with my heart,
For one day we'll have to part.
The kiss with him might have just been a jest,
But yet deep down, I know I'm only second best.

I wish it could have been me and you,
Then we would not have to bid adieu.
But as soon as I tried to confess,
Between him and I, to you I was only second best.

Let us both go our separate ways,
And be jolly when our hairs turn grey.
Let not our infatuation turn regrets,
For life will surely not reset.


Where they park all the planes...

Oh, have I run a thousand miles,
Hoping to run into a realm of fantasy,
Where your every action would be,
Of joy, laughter and full of glee,
And oh-so-dear to me.

But that fails to be the case,
For reality dawns upon a pointless chase,
Tears drop and the heart beats no more,
For all is lost till forevermore.

So forlornly I return,
Slowly taking on that dreadful U-turn,
Taking each step as it is,
Not ever stopping for a piss.

On my knee I ask thee,
Girl, would you please bake for me?

Speak not of the unforeseen future,
And postpone it till no later.
For one day might be one day too late,
Lest I pass on before I taste the cake.


here's to the girls i will never be with.

Twas never meant to be, and never will be
Alas, but a empty pursuit of nothingness
A chase after a summer's breeze
For fate had it that it would never work
Who are we but mere mortals
To question a divine outcome
If that were possible
Selfishness and greed might have had the world to waste
Woe, naught but a sorrowful tale
Woe, to fate, as it deprived the heart's one pleasure


that guy seems to think (part 3)

I stood up and walked forlornly towards the withering tree. I could feel the roughness of the bark as I laid my hand on it. I punched it. I don’t know why, but I did it. It was a mixture of pain and numbness, but it was the same for me emotionally, so it didn’t really make a difference to me.

I tried to muster some hope in me. Memories are all that I will cling on to now. Maybe someday, someday in the future, we’ll be together again.

Maybe one day you’ll wake up and find that you’re missing me.

Maybe one day I’ll hold you in my arms once again. Maybe one day we’ll be able to watch the stars from the balcony together again. Maybe we’ll be able to take a long drive to nowhere for no reason and still have fun.

But for now, this will be the day - the day I said goodbye.

To the dude who I have no idea what his name is, and his secret admirer, Ezza Melina.


that guy seems to think (part 2)

I couldn’t hit the falsetto notes like Barry Gibb, and I sounded like a frog’s croaking. But that didn’t matter at all. The song spoke of my situation.

“And how can you mend a broken heart?
How can you stop the rain from falling down?
How can you stop the sun from shining?
What makes the world go round?
How can you mend this broken man?
How can a loser ever win?
Please help me mend my broken heart and let me live again.”

My heart’s bleeding faster than the doctors can mend it. I closed my eyes and pictured you once again. It hurt so much. I wept.

It’s good to see you enjoying your life, going on like nothing ever happened. Maybe I’m but a shadow in your past, meaning nothing much to you now. Have fun with your life now, don’t worry about me. I’ll suck in all my sorrows, and perhaps cry myself to sleep every night.

I dare not think of what it could have been if I had kept my emotions to myself. Maybe we could have still been together. But it’s all too late.



that guy seems to think...

The sun slowly disappeared, eaten up by the horizon to the far west. I sat on the top of the hill overlooking the town, its lights slowly coming alive as people realize the day is turning into night. I held guitar by my side. It was somewhat out of tune, but playable. In my other hand, was a beer bottle. Nothing like a cool stout to help me forget the troubles of the world. A leaf from the withering tree to the left of me fell gently, its colour bright red with a tinge of brown, towards the lake below it. As the leaf created a ripple on the calm waters, so did my guitar create a ripple on the quiet hilltop.

I thought to myself - She’s probably not worth it anymore. Why do you bother trying?
I never should have trusted my heart in fragile hands. Now it’s all shattered. The pieces of my heart could enter the eye of a needle. It’s all over.
As I played the guitar and sang my heart out, I wish I could hit the rewind button. I wish I could go back and correct all the mistakes I did. I wish I could have been a better person to you. I wish I had hold on to you much tighter, appreciating each moment we spend together.

The tears were swelling up in my eyes, but I fought to keep them back. I didn’t want to cry. Some of them fell on my guitar. I miss the days when we would lie down in the open fields, your head on my chest, our hands linked with each other as we gazed up in the skies, looking at the beautiful picture God painted with the clouds. I miss the days when we would laugh at stuff for no reason. I miss the days where you gazed into my eyes so lovingly, stealing a kiss from me every now and then.

You’re so important to me. I just never got a chance to tell you how much you meant to me, or how much you still mean to me. I never dared to say I love you. I never dared to say I care. Because I wanted it to be perfect when I did. My pride held me back from being imperfect in front of you. I wanted to be your dream man. But I came to realize, I never knew what your dream man was.

I know I hurt you a lot, and I know today, you have shut me out. But all I ask is for one more chance to make it all right. But you never gave me a chance. Your shoulder is so cold, my beer would be hot tea in comparison. When I stare at the sky, all I think about is you. But now, I’ll never get the chance to tell you how I feel.

Maybe this is it.
Maybe this is real.
Maybe this is the end.

I never thought that it would end this way, but now I realize, after that whole long period of you not in my life, I’m still back at where I stood before, when I first knew that I would always love you.

I want to still believe. How do I warm your shoulder towards me......

I realize I never post stuff in first person POV. Well, this is one attempt. Credits to Miss Tsuihsia, as most of the stuff are taken of her blog. =)


To Daphne 3

“It doesn’t make sense.”
“He was shot while he was brushing his teeth.”
“No signs of ulcers.”
“No sign of any shoving.”

Weng and Yen slowly scanned the hotel room of Agent M. They pictured everything, from the creaking of the door opening slowly, to the point where Agent M was shot. Nothing explained the mysterious 6 words uttered. Something caught Yen’s eye.

“I GOT IT! HE WAS PLAYING A WORD GAME!!! IT WASN’T ANY CLUE!!! STUPID!!!” scream Yen as she picked up the newspaper from the coffee table.

Suddenly two shots rang out. Weng and Yen dropped dead to the ground.


To Daphne 2

What could it possibly mean? Mudsteps? Smut dp? Think southwards, upper deck in Pall Mall? The South Union’s Deputy Prime Minister? No. It all didn’t make sense.

Toothbrush skims ulcer. Don’t push me.

Johnny called in his two assistants.

Agent Yen. Gorgeous as she was, no guy dared approached her. She was well-known for her deadly arm-lock, which two of the early organization members tasted, much to their dismay.
And of course, Agent Weng. An Asian who had a quirky behaviour, and muscles of an elephant. He once took down 44 men of his own size, at the same time, while eating a coney dog.

“Weng and Yen, it’s up to you. Go retrieve the body of Agent M and find out what lies behind the mysterious final words of him. Now go and...” And they disappeared.