of homosexuals..

ever wondered how gays came about?

i shall show you the equation.

gays = Arab Jahiliah + China Chinese.

know why?
due to the over population and shortage of food, the chinese government introduced a one child per family rule to make sure the country doesn't overload.
in the eyes of the chineses people, males are very important. they are the pole of the family, the pride, the joy...females are just people that stay indoors bla bla bla...sexist right?
therefore due to the one child rule, many parents 'murder' their baby daughters in order to give way for sons which whom will continue the family's name etc etc.
the result: a lot of boys, no girls.

in history form 4, we learn about the Arab Jahiliah society. females in their society are of virtually no value. they get no inheritance whatsoever. in those days, the women were extremely embarassed to be told they gave birth to a daughter. a daughter is viewed as "menjatuhkan maruah keluarga". they bury the female babies alive with their head sticking out of the ground. a man can marry as many wives as he wants in their society, and without the child limit.
the result: boys polluting the earth, still no girls.

when there's too many boys and no girls, the boys will needs partners in life as it is in the mindset of humans to love (lazy to elaborate).
therefore without girls to mate with, they...*cough cough*..you know lar...
and especially when the Arab Jahiliah guys get drunk to prove they are true man, things get a little bit crazy.
result: gays.

mind you, the word gay here means homosexuals, not hapiness.

therefore we can confidently do a quadratic equation of gays with the roots of China Chinese and Arab Jahiliah.

*disclaimer: this was intended for humour purposes and not to insult anyone. apologies to anyone i have offended. this is not facts, but just a result of boredom in class. if you do not understand this post, go study form 4 textbooks.*



how many more suicides does it take for the world to awaken?
how many more deaths must there be before parents are aware of the pressures they lay on students?

how many more millionaire stories must there be before our country starts realising that students don't need straight gila banyak A's to succeed in life?

better grades does not prove that you're smarter than the person sitting next to you.
getting straight A's is just so that you can have your name on newspaper.

if you say i'm wrong, then why are there so many jobless graduates while school dropouts are sitting on the peak of the money charts?

why waste time studying biology when you aspire to be an accountant? does dissecting a frog help you in any way to count faster and more accurate? will learning of organic stuff help you do your accounts more neat? it'll most probably load your brain with unneccessary stuff and make you even more forgetful.

have you heard anymore of the girl whom obtained 16A1's in her SPM?? rumour say that she is on the brink of being warded into Hospital Bahagia.

if anyone is talented or gifted in one way, why pressure them to divert from their talent to get straight A's? Beckham didn't care much of his studies cause he can't even do his son's kindergarten maths. yet, he earns like few thousands per second. that is one good example of why studies doesn't matter much in life.

find your interest in life and pursue it. samuel l. jackson said find something that puts a smile on your face when you do it. for passion is the fuel that drives you forward. no point doing something you don't like and being forced to then end up making headlines for yet another creative way of commiting suicide.

there once was a person who failed miserably in maths yet had the talent for designing and now is designing websties for others even though he hasn't started college.

in a nutshell, grades are just for show. if you think you need the spotlight and want to make headlines, go ahead. ignore this post and study till your brain goes wacko...