A fading light, a blurry sight.
They lied.

I saw no white light,
said to myself that they weren't right.

I tried to scream for help,
but couldn't muster a yelp.

As the world faded before me,
I only wished that he could heard me.

Helplessness was all I could feel,
powerless from head to my heel,
only wishing that this wasn't real.

But alas, it...

The author tries to establish the loneliness and hopelessness of being a car accident victim. The author hoped that she could enjoy life for another day with her boyfriend, but is unfortunately not able to do so. The author also laments on the brevity of life, hoping to tell others to appreciate time, especially with their loved ones. The author expresses deep regret for not living life to the fullest, not appreciating the gift of life itself, realizing it only a moment too late. The author fails to finish the poem, as the author does not survive the car accident.


No disrespect intended.