leap of faith

I took a deep breath. It wasn't like it was something I hadn't done before. But yet, there was something that gripped my heart with fear. I had no clue what it was. But I looked ahead of me, and decided that the fear wasn't worth it. I took a step forward, and took a good look around. This wasn't a sight unfamiliar to myself. But it still sent a shiver up my spine.

I felt very uneasy. But I decided to do it anyway. So I took another step forward. And another. And yet another, careful to not fall off the narrow board I was walking on. About ten steps later, I reached the end. I looked down. This was it. I readied myself, took a big step to launch me into the air, and then prepped myself to dive in.

To dive in back to the sea of emotions that I once swam about it. To rediscover what it was like to feel angry, to feel sad, to feel disappointment, to tear up. To also know what real joy is, to discover satisfaction, and to truly live life once again.