Oh girl, quit playing with my heart,
For one day we'll have to part.
The kiss with him might have just been a jest,
But yet deep down, I know I'm only second best.

I wish it could have been me and you,
Then we would not have to bid adieu.
But as soon as I tried to confess,
Between him and I, to you I was only second best.

Let us both go our separate ways,
And be jolly when our hairs turn grey.
Let not our infatuation turn regrets,
For life will surely not reset.


Where they park all the planes...

Oh, have I run a thousand miles,
Hoping to run into a realm of fantasy,
Where your every action would be,
Of joy, laughter and full of glee,
And oh-so-dear to me.

But that fails to be the case,
For reality dawns upon a pointless chase,
Tears drop and the heart beats no more,
For all is lost till forevermore.

So forlornly I return,
Slowly taking on that dreadful U-turn,
Taking each step as it is,
Not ever stopping for a piss.

On my knee I ask thee,
Girl, would you please bake for me?

Speak not of the unforeseen future,
And postpone it till no later.
For one day might be one day too late,
Lest I pass on before I taste the cake.