crossing of two paths 4

The whole room was illuminated as the dazzling chandeliers that hung from the ceiling came to life. The patterns on the walls and the paintings on the ceilings of the hall were just breathtaking. The whole building was conceptualized by a famous Arabian architect and intricately constructed by some of the best in the world. One of the students’ parents owned the building, and so the class of 08 seniors had one of the most magnificent places to hold their annual school prom.

As time passed, cars filled the parking lots and students filled the ballroom. Hundreds of students began to gather in cliques and indulge in idle talk. Some commented on others as though they were fashion students, others gossiped about the latest celebrity scandal or the school’s happenings. Giggles, whistling, chattering and loud-obnoxious laughs could be heard from outside the lobby. Glasses clanged with each other as they blissfully celebrated their graduation from school. Guys started hitting on girls, hoping to be lucky; and the females willingly and flirtatiously entertained the guys. Some were unlucky, and received a nice, red hand mark on their faces; others were able to go out together in the night to make out.

You could see that all of them really put a lot of effort in ensuring that they looked perfect for the night. For the guys, suits were dry-cleaned and ironed out, shirts were creaseless, and ties were repeated adjusted to the “perfect” length and position. For the girls, hours were spent in front of the mirror, dressing up and putting on make-up. Hairdos were done by the most expensive hair-dressers in the district. Every girl was dressed to kill, and their clothes demanded the attention of every guy in the room.