of exams (part 17)

John started to play his heart out. His fingers linked with the piano as though they were married. He started to lose awareness of the things around him. For that moment, it was just him, and the music. Nothing else. Nothing at all.

He seemed to float in a space of darkness, with music notes circling him. His face showed the face of serenity. Music was his soul, his shelter, his escape from reality, his place of refreshment. Just weeks ago, this was all foreign to him. He had never touched or seen a piano. Now, he played like an established grandmaster that had 100 years of experience. He played like Usian Bolt on the 100m track, Pele on the football field, Tiger Woods on the golf course, and Rafael Nadal on the tennis court. Every note harmonized beautifully, and every note was delicately sewn together as one.

“Brilliant! Brilliant!”

Those two words echoed through the piano room as the music came to a stop. In the shadows at the door, someone stood there, clapping his hands.


of exams (part 16)

John’s eyes fluttered as it opened.

“Young master... Are you okay?”

John awoke in his room. He tried to sit up with the help of Alfred. John grabbed his head as he sat up straight as a sharp sensation hit his head.

“Where am I?”
“Your room, young master.”

John was still in a blur. He stood up like a guy who is suffering from a hangover. He stumbled and swayed from left to right as he made his way to the sink. Alfred stood, shaking his head at the young boy and went off to do his house chores.

The splash of water on his face was refreshing. It helped him gain back his senses.

“Piano... Piano...”

John ran to the piano room and sat down. His head started the tune that he had heard two days ago.