of exams (part 15)

John took a stroll outside the house early in the morning. Janet told him the fresh air would do him good. He roamed around, enjoying the beauty of God’s creation. To any other person, it would be a boring walk. But for John, every step he took, he heard music playing in the air. It was constantly around him, and he smiled as he walked. He had no idea what produced the songs around him, neither did he understand it, but he knew one thing. It was marvellous. He started skipping as he went along the old broken path, and hummed a tune as he went. Suddenly he stopped and looked up. Not too far off, was a church. The bells were ringing, signalling that it was 9 o’ clock. The church choir were practicing for Christmas. It was angelic singing, and John was just stunned. He couldn’t stop himself from going back to the piano. He ran and ran back to Colby’s residence.

As he got to the gates, he panted like crazy and felt weak on his knees. He dragged his feet as he tried to reach the piano room as soon as possible. His face was pale and his arms were shaking, but he pressed on, so determined to reach the piano room as the tune inside his head was going to explode out. Everything around him started to look blurry. John collapsed to the ground.