of exams (part 13)

John stared at the ceiling from his bed. His lips and hands were trembling.

“Did I actually do something wrong? Were they mad at me?”

John bit his lip and got up. He looked out at the window. It was all dark. Owls were hooting and werewolves were howling from afar. The moon was barely visible and the night sky was robbed of its stars. John thought back of his first night here. The night he slept on the road against the cold hard walls. He remembered vividly the coldness that ran through his spine, causing him to shiver in his tattered shirt. He reminisced the thoughts that went through his mind as he laid down on the ground. He thought it was all over, that he wouldn’t be accepted into the house, and probably have died on the streets and have an unmarked grave. He thought he would be reunited with his parents up in the sky. Crystal droplets uncontrollably rolled down his cheek. He just stared and stared at the scenery outside his window. The wind was blowing quite strong and leaves were flying all over.

John slid open his window and closed his eyes to enjoy the chilly breeze. The wind blew against his face and dried the tears. He smiled as he heard the sounds that rang all over. The chatter of the maids in the room next door, the sound of the leaves and branches as they were blown by the wind, the howling and hooting, the crickets chirp, the sound of peace and tranquillity. He whistled a tune and his face was beaming with happiness.


of exams (part 12)

By the time John stopped crying, it was already nightfall. It was dinner time. Alfred called out to him, and John rushed to the dining table for a drink. He had cried too much. His throat felt dry and his eyes were swollen. His shirt was still slightly wet and slimy after he wiped his tears and mucus on it.

“Go change, young master,” said Alfred. “It’s not good to be presented at dinner that way.”

The whole family sat at the table for the first time together. Mrs. Colby was finally well enough to come down from her room.

“Weird. I thought I heard someone on the keys just now while you were away, Frank. It was beautiful. I think I felt better after listening to it. Were you around just now?”
“No. Was at work the whole day.”
“Hmmm. But certainly no one else plays it.”
“I agree. This is weird.” Mr. Colby went, nodding his head slowly in deep thought. "Alfred..."
"Yes, master?"
“Were you, by any chance, on the piano?”
“No sir, not I.”
“Okay, I was just wondering. Go on and do your work.”
“Yes master.”

At the mention of the word piano, John lowered his head and started to stuff food into his mouth faster. His heart rate increased and he grew more and more excited. His hands trembled, wondering what would happen to him if it was discovered that he had touched the piano without permission. Would he be punished? Thrown out of the house? He dropped his knife on the floor as his shaking hands could hold it no longer. Mr. and Mrs. Colby continued eating their meal silently as John reached down to grab his knife. Anna immediately went to help him clean the mess.

He finished his dinner with haste and took big strides to his room. He immediately made a decision to never step into the piano room again. Never.


of exams

this story was actually written during my mid year exam and the exam question was one word - music. thus the birth of the story of john.

due to popular demand, (okay, maybe not. but somewhere along those lines.) i'll try to come up with something and hopefully wrap up the story. now that spm is over, i'll have time to think of something. my advice, don't hold your breath.

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