of trials

Task: complete your essay with the ending "...we hugged each other and cried tears of joy."

Note: A combination of elements from a lot of other stuff, like games, movies, stories, manga etc. If you can list them all down, you’re good.

A.D. 3875. September 15. I crawled along the cylindrical tube that was my prison cell. It was made of reinforced glass, and suspended over the “Earth”. Earth. Hah. It was no longer the earth that humans 1000 years ago knew. It was now an artificial life-sustaining ring that surrounded the Earth. The Earth was now but a wasteland for us. A junkyard. We humans have departed to the Zoë Ring. Zoe – the Greek word for life. Yes. That was the life-sustaining ring. That was where we lived on.

Two round panes limited my cell to a length of fifteen feet. It had a diameter of six feet only. We could barely stand straight in it. I crawled to one end of it. I could see my inmate. She was beautiful, gorgeous, amazing, and breath-taking. She had the most amazing hazel eyes, and flowing brown hair with patches of blackness. I could sense a bond with her. Every now and then, we reached towards each other and tried to touch each other’s hand. It was as though I saw her somewhere. Maybe in my past life. Unfortunately, we could only touch the pane that was set before us. Crystal clear glass, as though it wasn’t there. But it was, and it was thick. Sigh...

I looked to the other side. It was an empty cell. Not too long ago, a guy from the Secha Clan inhabited it. He was taken away just yesterday, cruelly executed by The Executor. Will my time come?

The Executor was a coliseum-like arena where the superior Tiha Clan children choose the death of a random prisoner. It had been there for a thousand years, and had eclipsed the likes of the Soccer World Cup or the Olympics in terms of popularity. Everyone related to the Tiha Clan watched The Executor live as prisoners were executed by the Tiha Clan children. The Freedom Clans watched too, and had no sympathy for us, the prisoners. There were no rules to how the prisoner would die, and the way the kill was carried out was only limited by the creativity of the Tiha Clan children. Some died being skinned alive then flushed down a gigantic toilet bowl that contained hydrochloric acid, others by a Venus fly-trap-like device that sent spikes piercing your entire body that was frozen apart from your head. You could imagine how much painful it was for us, members of the other clans that were categorized under “The Outlaw Clans”. Did we die because we stole? Or was it because we murdered? Were we liars, rapists, or thieves? Were we parents, children, priests or farmers? Or was it just because we were born of a different clan blood?

I was dumb from birth. The priests of the Zecha ziggurat prophesied that my tongue would bring disaster upon the Zecha clan, thus they cut it out from me the very moment I was born. That was all I knew about me. I woke up a few years later, with a tube connected to my head, and clueless about my past, only knowing that incident and that I was of the Zecha Clan because of the tattoo on my arm. They took me, disconnected the tube, and locked me up in my current cell, after physically torturing me. Every day, I was fed a blue pill, and a glass of Zliquid. It was all that was needed to survive in the Zoë Ring.

One day, a guard dropped something behind after serving me my meal. It was a bag of orange pills. ‘Must be their soldier pills’, I thought to myself. The Gods must be smiling upon me. Each day I ate one, and I grew stronger and my muscles expanded. Having nothing to do in the cell, I planned my escape with my new-found strength as my secret weapon. It was today. The moment they open the doors to feed me, I would take their pod and make my escape. That moment came right on the dot, just as I’ve planned...

As the guards smoked the chambers, I held my breath. Then *click*, my cell door opened. I barged my way out, knocking the guard out cold. The pod only had a pilot who was clueless about his fate. I snapped his neck and took off. It was relatively easy to manoeuvre as it used brain signals to fly. I took up an ion blaster from the dead pilot and made my way to the Tihakunoziggurat. It was their palace, their fortress, their stronghold and their pride, and I was determined to destroy it, together with their emperor. He is the reason why we’re suffering, and the guy who stepped on my mother’s skull that led to her death. Her poor head collapsed under his weight, and he walked off with no remorse. Wang Feroh, leader of the Tiha Clan and the ruler of the Zoë Ring.

I rode my way to it using their flight-pod. No one suspected anything as I was flying under their colours. The people were at the Executor, I bet. The palace was empty, the guards were missing. I took out a bomb from the pod and initiated it. The pod took off again. I hoped the foundation would crack under that bomb. It was placed strategically. Right where it hurt most.

30 seconds later, Tihakunoziggurat was dust. The world was in chaos. Tiha Clan warriors were in saiyan mode and searched the skies for me. They had idea of what they were chasing after, but they chased anyway. I joined them using my flight-pod, and they failed to realise that I was not one of them. A message flashed on the hologram transmitter. The Tiha Emperor, Wang Feroh, is believed to be slain in the bomb blast. I thought I would be happy, as I got my revenge, but that was not the case. I was not happy at all. I was angry, confused, and most of all, I was lost. The Tiha Warriors’ pods had disappeared, and I was on my own. The pod continued to fly, even though I did not give it any specific orders.

I found myself flying back to prison. Why? Maybe my heart was still thinking of that girl. Was it possible to save her? I allowed my heart to take over as I fell asleep on board. Moments later, I was awaken by a crash. I had crash-landed on the prison grounds. I quickly ran towards my old cell. Suddenly, I heard this voice boom out loud.

“Intruder alert! Intruder alert! Initiating bomb sequence in two minutes!”

The prison cell would be completed disintegrated in moments! I ran to my old cell and went to the next one. Empty! My heart pounded as the timer continued to countdown. Was she dead? Was she alive? Was she just an illusion? Or was she the latest Executor victim? Thoughts were all over my head. I was anxious to see her, to make sure she was safe.

The timer stated that there was only 22 seconds left. I ran and ran. I turned around a corner, and collided with someone else. It was a squeal that I heard, the squeal of a female. It couldn’t be any of the guards as they were all males. I was stunned.


It was her! The angel in the cell next to me! I quickly got to her, we hugged each other and cried tears of joy.

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