of exams (part 11)


Master John is a poor chap. He is barely 12 I guess, yet he’s been through so much. Doubt I’d survive a day like that. Yet he has done it his whole life. I regret the day I first saw him and shouted at him. But, who can blame me? It was late, and I was tired. Who isn’t grumpy when they’re tired?

Weird. I woke up for dinner that night. I could sense heaviness in the air. I wondered what was going on. Looking out the window, the sun had already set, and the night had been cloaked with darkness. It was a full moon night, but the clouds in the sky hid parts of it. The stars never fail to amaze me. The whole process of it being formed and shining light over here is just crazy. I smiled at the heavens, knowing full well there is omnipotent being up there watching out for me. Then I sensed that heaviness in the air again. The smile faded and deep thoughts filled my mind. There was a weird feel, as though there was some mysterious melody floating in the chilly night air. It was distinct, yet inaudible. I couldn’t describe it.

I washed my face, and readied myself for dinner. Nothing beats the “good ol’ Janet dinner”. I walked down those familiar steps and sat at the long table. I sat at the head. I have always fancied myself to be a knight, sitting at King Arthur’s round table. That would be the best experience one could have. Food was already served, and Janet, Anna and Master John were already having their meal. It seemed different. I know what’s wrong. Janet is too quiet. She has never stopped talking since the day she stepped in this house. And today, today she was just sitting quietly. There must be something wrong. I looked at her eyes. It was all red and swollen. She looked tired and worn out. She looked like she had just cried. No, that’s not right. She isn’t being the happy, jolly Janet I have always known. I looked at Master John. He had been crying too. No. That’s not right. Has the Ma’am departed? I opened my mouth, but no words came out. I quickly closed it back and finished my meal.