the air was filled with a sense of heaviness.
the rain kept hitting against the windscreen.
it was dark.
the wipers continued to move back and forth, ensuring that the driver could have a good view of the road.

sitting by the window, was a girl.
a girl, who was staring out of the window as the van drove along the road.
the van passed by the beach.
"bye beach!" said her heart.
she didn't want to leave, neither did her friend want her to leave.
she held back her tears, keeping her composure.
she put on a little forceful smile on her face.

look deep in her eyes and i'm sure you could see small droplets forming at the tearduct.
but no, she didn't want to let it show. she fought back.
it was hard to leave someone.
it was really hard.

her friend kept silent throughout the journey.
anything talk of the departure would surely trigger a flow of tears from the young girl.
to see a friend leave was devastating, knowing they won't meet again, not in near future at least.

the brakes screeched. the car came to a halt.
the sign above the door read... A-I-R-P-O-R-T
the rain continued to pour. there was no sign that it was going to stop soon.
luggages were unloaded from the trunk of the van.

she walked towards the door of the airport. her tears were already coming down.
she turned back, and rushed to the van's door and hugged her friend.
tears wet each others shoulders.
they cried and cried, knowing that this could well be the last time they saw each other.
the rest of the group looked on.
they knew nothing they said would soothe the hearts of this two girls.