"one man can make a difference" - peter parker.


one man.

tim elmore talked about 1% of the population is all it takes to make a difference in this word.

are you willing to be in that 1%?

are you willing to step out?

to be like the famous people who have written history?
like william wallace, joan or arc, martin luther king junior, adolf hitler?

or do you want to be history?

do you want to make a change in this world?

a small act,a small dream, as long as you're willing to step out, you can be that difference in this world.

change doesn't come from the things around you.
change must start from inside of you.

change yourself, and you may influence your family to change.
it may lead your neighbourhood to change, your state, your country, and maybe even the world.

don't wait for people to make changes.
you start it.

take the initiative to be different.
to stand out.
but not by wearing some lala shirt la.
lalas are meant to be eaten not fashion.


the pits of death

"it's over..."
"cross paths again we will, but of us together, a full stop has been put.

a devastating text message.
exactly 0217 hours.
it seemed like april fools had dawn upon september.

just a week ago, they seemed like romeo and juliet.
just a week ago they were seemingly couple of the year.
just a week ago, they were imseperable.
they had smiles on their faces that could caused diabetes.

"wake me up when september ends" started playing in the background.

misty droplets started forming at the corner of her eyes, slowing oozing out from her tear duct.
she sobbed in the arms of her one and only.
his shoulder was more comfortable than a pillow could ever be.
the cinema was so cold, yet his arms offered the warmth she needed.

the wet blanket that was formed the screen signaled the movie was over.
as she dried her tears, she thought: this is surely worth my eight bucks.

walking along the mall, with hands clasp, they were the envy of many bachelors and spinsters.
suddenly, a furry object caught her attention. it was a cute brown bear. a soft toy, mind you. it had the three loving words sewn on its belly. now, if only he would notice it...
it is my birthday in one weeks time anyway.

it seemed like he read her mind. straight into the shop he walked and bought it, not hesistating a moment to look at other things the shop had to offer.
a few moments later, it was all hers to embrace tightly.

out of the mall they went, home-ward bound.
cars whizzed past as they made their way to the bus stop.
it didn't matter that dust was flying everywhere.
they were already in a world of their own.

they turned around.
a ninja-like figure ran towards them, hugging a purse he just obtained.
into the mini gap between them he went, like an american footballer holding on to the ball and making his way to the touchdown.

she fell backwards, and the bear flew from her arms and onto the streets.

the robber didn't bother to turn back, as though fearing he would turn to a pillar of salt if he did.
she got up and stared at the poor teddy bear that sat forlornly on the streets.

spongebob like, he ran onto the road to rescue the poor bear whose life was at danger. oncoming was a huge lorry, going at 90km/h. the driver didn't notice about the man as a vibration from his cell phone took away his attention from the road. he picked up the teddy and turned around to return it to the girl's arms.

but, fate was not on his side.
a pot hole on the road chew on his leg.
he tripped and fell, still hugging the teddy in his arms. (kinda like mr. bean)

the lorry driver finally looked up after replying his text message.
but it was too late.
he slammed his brakes as hard as he could, yet the man on the road was crushed under the gigantic wheels of the lorry.

"no......!!!" she screamed in tears as she ran towards him.
the tyres had already crushed the lower half of his body.
he swallowed hard to give his last words.
" i lov...love you...promise m..me..me that you'll...."
that was it. no more.

she picked up the blood stained bear and sobbed in despair and sorrow.
the aneh that drove the lorry tried to console her yet to no avail.
it was over.
he was no more.

though it was still clear in the skies, rain started pouring down.
" and all of my tears, will be lost in the rain...."

"oh why...?"


amazing how many lives has potholes taken away yet are still so frequently seen on malaysian roads.
it's as though the roads were to built together with potholes and are inseparable.