A spider

It just hit me,
That we're complete worlds apart,
I try to reach you,
But the space between us is too great.

I feel like charging in,
But I cannot,
And so I watch on from afar,
Willing you to be safe.

Once a day I look at your face,
The one I keep in my worn-out wallet,
Sometimes more,
Because that's the closest I can get to still being with you.

Do I have to lose you too?

I will let you go,
Not because I don't love you,
But because it's easier for you to hate me,
Than for me to hurt you more.



There they go, tearing down each brick I put up.
When will I find respite, and where?
Will you not pause, and will you not stop?
Until when, when will your resolve end?
Must I be brought to my knees, must my heart give up before all this ends?

There you go, tearing down each brick I put up.
My moat is dry, and I have no defence around you.
I try my best, yet I cannot wall you out.
Until when, when will your temptation end?
My heart, seduced by yours.

Days past and months go by.
What does it feel like to kiss a dying love?
As I hold your hand gently to my heart,
When will this be the last kiss goodbye?

There you go, drifting away.
I knew of this end before it began,
But my foolish hope still clings on,
What it clings on to, I know not of.

Tell me, where does my hope lie?