He still mumbles

As the evening sun sets, I watch the shadow of the old tree stretch out. Reminds me of how my thoughts of you never end. Turns out, I never got used to you not being by my side anymore. As I walk back to the city, most of the shops are closed, and all that’s left are the neon lights of pubs flashing in the distance. In the tiny street where I stand, it rains all night. 


He mumbles

It’s been raining every day now since you left. Maybe it’s the rainy season, maybe it isn’t. I want to let go, but I can’t. The rain keeps falling. I try to pretend the past isn’t important, but I can't. It was only after we said goodbye that I realized we can’t see each other again, and I can’t just lose your smile like this. I try to withhold the pain and the tears, and I struggle. You said you’d be with me till we’re old and that we’d go there to find eternity. But for now, even a hug, no, just spending a second with you will do. 

Your smile, your virtues, they constantly dance around in my mind. My hand still holds memories of the warmth I felt while holding your hand. My heart is in pieces now, and I can’t make it beat like it used to. I’m imprisoned by the past and have no strength to run away.

It was only after we said goodbye . . . that I realized . . .we can’t see each other again.


Oh, what I would give to turn back time,
To right the wrongs, to clear the crime,
Now all that's left is a mountain to climb,
And I,
I am too weak to overcome.

My legs burn, and my fingers bleed,
My lungs are giving out, even at this speed,
It would be much easier for me to cede,
I cannot go on,
The pain is too much to bear.

I cannot run forward, yet I cannot run back,
Sixteen days ago was my last snack,
I question if my life is on the wrong track,
Without you,
I no longer know black from white, or day from night.