parallel lines on the right

I sat there patting the sand together to build a sandcastle, but she sat there moulding it into a heart shape mound.

Maybe it was subconscious. Maybe it wasn't. There wasn't a way to know for sure. 

The moon was dim, and not a single star in the sky. People were chatting and laughing in the background, and the air had a foul smell - probably from the residents burning their rubbish nearby. There was no romantic music, just the sound of terrible singers from the karaoke in the surrounding buildings.


Maybe it was for the best. In some other universe, we could have been more than friends. We could have grown old together, building sandcastles on the beach. But not in this universe.

And so I laid down and gazed up at the sky. My vision blurred as tears started to come out. I struggled so bad to hold it back. Not like this. Not in front of her. I need to stay strong.

Then the sky joined me as raindrops fell ever so lightly. I looked at her and wondered, will my tears be lost in the rain? And then I saw her tears.

I curse this disease. Why does she have to go so soon?